Fullerton Fibercity (US)

  • The Smart City Infrastructure Fund has partnered with the developer SiFi Networks America Ltd (“SiFi”) to privately fund a program of over $500m in the deployment of Smart-City ready digital infrastructure across mid-sized cities in the Unites States of America
  • $75 million engaged to date in the city of Fullerton, California, allowing the roll-out of the largest privately funded open access fiber network in North America.
  • The fiber optic network (“FON”) will be a high quality underground installation via micro-trenching, with maximum reliability and designed to be scalable and to support Smart City / IoT (1 Gigabit symmetrical capacity but up to 10 Gigabit potential). The FON will pass c. 55k homes and 5k businesses and has a construction period of c. 2.5 years.
  • The FON will allow Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”) to deliver retail services (internet, TV and voice) to residents and businesses throughout an entire city without demographic segmentation. The network will be open to multiple ISPs on an open access basis, unlocking significant benefits to end-users and reducing the need for further connectivity investments within the city area. 
  • The roll-out of FiberCityTM in Fullerton will not only provide a significant upgrade to internet speeds and accommodate a growing demand for data from next generation devices in households and businesses, but it will also facilitate the proliferation of new Smart City solutions in key urban services, such as traffic control, street lighting and emergency services. Additionally, the fiber network will provide a platform for the future expansion of 5G mobile and IoT networks into the area.
  • As the fiber optic network remains in the construction phase, Fullerton FiberCity will continue to strive to structure operations in a manner to stabilize energy consumption and GHG emissions when the network build is complete, and begin to reduce shortly thereafter through equipment and vehicle choices with green energy sources.  While it is anticipated that energy consumption will increase as the network expands (anticipated through end of 2023), ongoing Operations will focus on implementing action that will begin to reduce this consumption level as early as 2025.
  • In alignment with the energy consumption curve, due to the network continuing to be under construction, we expect 2023 to rise.  The network should be fully constructed by year end 2023; therefore, the increase we’ve seen during the construction period should begin to stabilize.  Due to efficiencies implemented over the course of construction and through leveraging opportunities for green energy sourcing, we anticipate we will begin to realize GHG emission reduction beginning in 2025.


Fullerton Fibercity ESG Goals 2022

Risk Management Policy 2023

Fullerton 2023 Sustainability Policy

  • Project : Fullerton Fibercity
  • Category : Fiber optic
  • Location : Fullerton, California
  • Investment size : US$ 75 million
  • Project Link : https://sifinetworks.com/cities/fullerton-ca/