The Smart City Infrastructure Fund is at the forefront of responsible and sustainable investing


Since its inception, SCIF has not only been supporting cities to improve their sustainability through technological advancement and digitalisation, but has also been focusing on the continuous development of its own responsible investment journey. It has amended its Sustainability Policy ensuring it meets the shifting ESG environment, expanded its sustainable due diligence questionnaire to reflect material issues deemed important by our stakeholders, and through its managing partner recently officially backed UN Global Compact and the Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). In addition, through its managing partner PATRIZIA Infrastructure, SCIF is a signatory to the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI) and as a member of GRESB infrastructure submits its annual fund and asset evaluations.

While only one of the SCIF assets has moved from Construction phase to Operations, there have been numerous accomplishments at the fund level related to ESG:

    • All SCIF assets have a Board approved sustainability policy
    • All SCIF assets have an Board approved risk management policy with monthly reviews/evaluation of new and existing risks
    • Stakeholder awareness has increased over the course of 2022
      • The Community Liaison team has grown to cover the Southern California markets
      • A customer survey was conducted for the Fullerton asset, which has been Operational for two years
      • Participation in local community groups has increased in all SCIF assets
    • All SCIF assets in the Operational phase have been assessed from a climate risk perspective
    • There have been no environmental incidents related to any of the SCIF assets
    • ESG goals are included in the performance management of all employees
    • Governance requirements are detailed in all material contracts and monitored by the COO

With regards to the new addition of European assets in SCIF’s portfolio:

    • Towards the end of 2022, SCIF completed the acquisitions of Ottima and Selettra, both leaders in the Italian smart streetlighting space.
    • The companies are both committed and reliant on the use LED lighting, which, other than being realized with less harmful substances, these can save up to 50-70% of energy compared to traditional equipment and have a useful life up to 5 times longer than high pressure sodium lamps
    • Each company is able to reduce their energy consumption by over 340 kWh per light point and together are able to save approximately 50 000 MWh by replacing the current outdated lighting equipment with efficient LED lamps
    • Through their commitment in improving the efficiency in small-medium sized Italian municipalities, Ottima and Selettra together are able to avoid circa 15K tCO2 that would otherwise be dispersed

These actions in both the North American and European markets highlight our commitment to driving forward the responsible investment agenda in the smart city infrastructure sector.


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Further information on SCIF’s Responsible Investing can be downloaded below:

SCIF 2021 Sustainability Policy

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