Ottima (Italy)

The Smart City Infrastructure Fund has acquired Ottima S.r.l., a leading Italian smart streetlighting company, marking SCIF’s debut investment in Europe.

  • Ottima has grown to become one of Italy’s top 10 smart streetlighting companies by the number of LPs it manages, with a particular focus in centre Italy.
  • The company works in partnership with small to medium sized municipalities across the country, who historically have less access to financing and technology, to design, install, retrofit, finance and manage smart streetlighting points, with a focus on updating traditional infrastructure with the latest LED streetlight technology.
  • Ottima is focused in participating to public tenders and winning concession contracts, while outsourcing EPC and O&M activities to thrid parties.
  • Along with the deployment of smart streetlighting, Ottima also provides a broad range of additional solutions to drive the development of smart cities, including public WIFI, smart traffic lights, CCTV monitoring, EV charging stations, solar panels and smart building technology.


  • Project : Athena
  • Category : Smart Street Lighting
  • Location : Italy